Mind Over Mood

One of the most difficult battles we have with ourselves is having our head in the right place. To move forward in our lives, not only do we need the desire, but we need the right attitude and the right mindset. I can help you get there and stay there.

Peace of Mind
Tough Times
Personal Foundation
Different Attitudes
Explore Yourself
Achieve Best of Self

Get Your Shit Together

Being in control and feeling organised is a vital part of moving towards your goals. Both your head and environment need to be decluttered first so that you can get your shit together!



Time Management

Life Balance

Decision Making

Reorganise Shit

Family Life

Getting Organised


Unstick Yourself

It’s time to unstick yourself. Why do we keep putting things off or thinking we will get around to it one day. That "one day" never comes.

Allow yourself to become free from delay, take action and achieve your goals right now.










Services Provided

The services I can provide are too extensive to list. These are just some examples of the areas I can coach you on. Please do not hesitate to call or email and have a chat about your coaching needs. I am sure I will be able to help.


See what some of my clients have to say about me.

I take great pride in ensuring the highest standards of satisfaction.


Rachel – Castle Douglas

Lindsay has been helping me over the last year on a journey of self discovery to understand how I might better move forward with my life and take myself to a more content and happy place. In my late 40s and with children less in need of my time, and a job that I’ve been doing for years, I had started to feel lost and stuck in a rut, without purpose. I had become anxious and emotionally quite crippled. I was procrastinating and I was unhappy. Through gentle coaching, listening and questioning Lindsay has enabled me to understand how and why I’m feeling the way I do, and then has given me the tools and techniques to not only cope with my emotions and anxiety, but also methodologies that I can use to help me move forward on my life’s path. She has helped me to break things down when I’ve felt overwhelmed, and has facilitated me through a process where I now feel able to make small decisions to help take me forward. Lindsay’s skillset, guidance and empathetic approach have not only improved my mental health, but have also helped me to safely move over a crossroads in my life. She’s amazing.

Elayne – Surrey

Lindsay coached me whilst studying for my own diploma in Personal Life Coaching. She was amazing. Lindsay really made me look at myself differently which instilled a great confidence in me to believe in myself more than I ever have. She demonstrated to me that I actually have all the answers within...I just needed some help in finding them. I felt more enlightened and motivated with each session.


Lindsay has helped me get to my goal of gaining confidence and becoming less anxious. I suffered from panic attacks and Lindsay helped me work through them with encouragement and excellent strategies. During all my sessions with Lindsay, she always had a good sense of humour where appropriate, always approachable and positive. I’m so glad I approached Lindsay when I did.