What Is Life Coaching

Life Coaching is solution-focused conversation which will help you identify more clearly your own life-vision along with those specific goals and objectives that will best support and enable you to bring that vision into reality.

A goal is simply a dream with a date on it…

What Life Coaching Is Not

Coaching is not to be construed as psychological counselling or therapy, although it may include, when agreed, aspects of mentoring.

Coaching results are not guaranteed. You should enter our coaching relationship in the full understanding that you alone are responsible for creating your own results.

My Sessions are available to clients on a One-to-One basis
and to groups in the form of Workshops.


Workshops are obviously run slightly differently to One-to-One sessions. Workshops are aimed at people who want to develop their Life Skills but don’t want or need the One-to-One approach.

One To One

The One-to-One sessions mean that you can chat and get my undivided attention for the length of the session and talk openly and honestly about your feelings, issues, goals or aspirations.
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Prices from £40 per session.


Personal workshops are open to anyone and everyone who wants to come along, enjoy and participate in LEEP Life Coaching Workshops.
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Prices from £20 per head minimum of 6 people.


Organisational Groups are aimed more towards recognised groups, such as Schools, Colleges, NHS, Local Councils, Charities, Support Groups, Youth Communities, Social services, Housing Partnerships and other such establishments.
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Price per enquiry.
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One-to-One Coaching

One to One will normally take place either in person, over the phone or Skype at my home, or at an agreed place and frequency. Normally each session will last 50 minutes. The first session will be a consultation and a chance to see if LEEP coaching is right for you. This will normally last 30 minutes.


You may want to keep a notebook or diary to log your feelings and successes as you go along. This may help you to reflect back on how far you’ve come and to recognise your accomplishments.


I may ask you to do some “homework” outwith the sessions, this will underline what you’ve been coached on, and consolidate your goals and outcome. I will also be looking for you to be accountable and feel that fire in your belly so that your Life Coaching journey becomes a purposeful one.

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Personal Workshops

Personal Workshops will be motivational and interactive. These Groups will give you the opportunity to meet new people and bounce off each other, maybe voice similar concerns or issues that are keeping you stuck, making you anxious, holding you back or that you just need some reassurance in.

Although the content of these Workshops are structured you will have the chance to get to know each other a little better and just have a good time and gain some valuable skills. These Workshops are aimed at small to medium groups - anything from 6 people upwards. Depending on the size of the Group they can be held in my home or at a local venue or a chosen location.

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Organisational Workshops

Organisational Workshops give larger groups the opportunity to gain Life Skills and educational experiences delivered in a timely and useful manor. These Workshops are likely to be orientated towards providing a more specific range of skills that are suited to the type or category of organisation.

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I recognise that anything you share with me will be confidential whether it be of a personal, or a business nature, the only exception being if, in my opinion, the information clearly indicates that someone is at serious risk of harm.

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